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Leased Lines

What is a Leased Line?

Strictly Speaking, a Leased Line is any form of private telecoms circuit, linking a site to either the Internet, or to another site.

Unlike broadband, Leased Lines usually run at a symmetrical speed (same upload as download), and are un-contended (no sharing of bandwidth).

Telecom providers supply Leased Lines with a Service Level Guarantee (SLG, or SLA), and enhanced maintenance cover, which makes them ideal for organisations that need a reliable, always on service, and for those businesses requiring high speed data transfer.

How fast does a Leased Line run?
Currently, UK Leased Lines can run from Speeds of 2Mbps up to 10,000Mbps. Unlike Broadband, the customer determines how fast they want the circuit to run, with an element of flexibility which allows the customer to change the speed as their bandwidth requirements change. Leased lines come with a variety of resilience options, which provide backup facilities over a separate physical circuit, which can be provided from a separate exchange, and/or terminated at a separate geographic location. This adds an extra layer of resilience for those requiring a more secure connection
How much does a Leased Line cost?
The price of a Leased Line is based on several factors. The most important of these being how fast you want it to run and how far away your site is from the nearest serving exchange. Pricing for low bandwidth sites that are near to a serving exchange can start as low as £3k per annum. A 100 Mbps Internet connection to a site relatively close to an exchange could be as low as £7k per annum. There are multiple contract term options, and add on services that can also effect the price.

What types of Leased Line are there?

Internet Leased Line

Leased Lines come in lots of shapes and sizes.

An Internet Leased line connects a single site to the Internet, providing beyond-broadband​quality and speed. Internet Leased lines are usually provided over Ethernet Fibre, with a lower cost, limited bandwidth option over EFM (Ethernet First Mile), which uses bonded copper pairs for the last leg of the circuit.

Multi-Site Organisations

For those organisations that want to connect multi-sites together, a host of options and delivery methods are available.

MPLS (multi protocol label switching), is a service that allows different types of connectivity and bandwidth size to interconnect into a network whilst prioritizing data and voice traffic. This is ideal for organisations that have sites of different size and geographic location.

LAN Extension Circuit

If the sites in question have a high bandwidth requirement, and are less than 35km apart, then a LAN extension circuit

(e.g. Short Haul Data Service)

is the best solution, as they allow the connected sites to act as though they are on the same LAN.

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